Medicare Assistance and Counseling Incorporated (MACI), counselors are available to provide you free telephonic or e-mail counseling and assistance.  They can help consumers select a Medicare prescription drug plan, compare Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans, and help apply for Medicare savings programs, including Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug coverage. With a client's consent and authorization, counselors will assist with the completion of any required applications or forms. 

Serving as an advocate for Medicare beneficiaries, the disabled and the uninsured; MACI counselors are trained to counsel and answer questions on topics such as:


  • Medicare Eligibility, Enrollment and Benefits
  • Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) plans and comparisons 
  • Medigap (Supplemental) Insurance
  • Medicare Health Plans
  • Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Medicare benefits/options
  • Long-Term Care information and options
  • "Extra Help" a low income subsidy offered by the Social Security Administration
  • How to apply for Medicare Savings Program benefits for low income beneficiaries  
  • TRICARE (Military Retiree Healthcare Coverage)
  • Veterans Administration (VA) Healthcare Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement
  • The difference between original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans
  • Medicare rules and the billing process
  • Reading and understanding the Medicare Summary Notice (MSN)
  • Reporting possible Medicare fraud and/or abuse
  • How to pick the right Long-Term Care insurance policy
  • Virginia's State Partnership for Long-Term Care option
  • How Medicare works with other insurances (primary or secondary payer)

NOTE:  Normally, MACI does not collect or maintain hard-copy or e-records containing "personal identifiable information (PII)," such as an individual's Social Security Account Number (SSAN) or date of birth,etc., however in order to prepare and process some documents or applications, it may be necessary for our counselors to request certain PII.  Be assured, your privacy and PII will be protected at all times and immediately shredded once the transaction has been completed.  All MACI Counselor have been vetted and been the subject of a favorable background investigation